Natural Moss Agate Gemstone Sphere Ball

Moss Agate has a stabilizing and strengthening influence. Moss agate stimulates the heart chakra and has an enduring energy and grounding ability. Moss Agate is also known to aid abundance and prosperity and stimulate creativity, balance the 2 sides of the brain and create emotional stability, healing and courage.
Carved Gemstones Healing Sphere Ball.
Gemstone :- Natural Moss Agate Gemstone
Weight approx :- 100-200 Gram
Size approx :- 25mm to 50mm
Chakra :- Heart
Symbol:- Planet/Universal
Color:- Green
Sold by :- Single Piece
Style:-  Home Decor, Spritual Property, Human Devlopment, Reiki Meditation,Infinity
             It is great for a gift for any occasions.
The actual product may slightly vary from picture as these are natural stone and no two stones can same in pattern.
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Healing Gemstone Moss Agate
Chakra Symbol Heart
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